Seobro’s ghost theme is going to be deprecated, mainly due to my latest move to jekyll, and auto-building infrastructure.

Also because after the changes to Casper and the Ghost team smashing out features and continiously updating I cannot in good faith ship a theme which I myself, would not be happy with.

While Ghost has made leaps and bounds over the previous 0.x series, (kudos where kudos are due). Even with “paranoid” modes on, there is still not a great deal of customisability. Simple facts that they still do not support a way to have a comment section rubs me the wrong way.

I’ll happily accept PR’s over at Seobro. If you update seobro to Casper 2.x. But it must remove all instances of external scripts, asset any dependancies, and remove any features which are external (such as the choice to use Feedly instead of just point the user to /rss.xml)