$ whois ticoombs
Querying https://slowb.ro/about-me ... 

Name: Tim Coombs  
Ideals: Decentralisation, Open Source, Coding, Security, Gaming, Chocolate.
Main Language(s): Python/Bash  
Familiar: RoR/PHP/JS/PS/Shell
Strengths: Server Automation/CICD/Ansible 

### Contact:
Mastodon: ticoombs@fosstodon.org || Web: https://fosstodon.org/@ticoombs
GPG Key: https://slowb.ro/static/gpg-public-key.txt  

Random thought: "I wonder how I could automate this..."  

If you are reading this, and wanting to hire me to run your web infrastructre, then please contact me on linkedin or via Email. If I believe the job sounds like a good fit Ill contact you back :)