Slowbro Services

Current internet services that are free for anyone to use:

Our services will increase with the more community funding (or if I get more free compute). Planned services once we reach our goal:

  • Docker repository for all of our git users
  • Wallabag (Opening to the public):

Fiat Donation (Once-off or Recurring)

Thank you for taking the time to even reach this page! I read every comment, and every email you send and any monetary donation brings a warm glow to my heart.

Show how much you REALLY love us and giving back to the internet community by donating on Liberapay!

Crypto Donations

Monero (Preferred)

Monero Addr: 83UzukD8s2dj6L3c1fAi8MHj7Xh3YJaLpMjxKCm1ssoE36mpPn7Mtk7GC6FiQcGPWb4vt1ox7CCVe4ovHPnMpFuyHrwYAVi

Address: 83UzukD8s2dj6L3c1fAi8MHj7Xh3YJaLpMjxKCm1ssoE36mpPn7Mtk7GC6FiQcGPWb4vt1ox7CCVe4ovHPnMpFuyHrwYAVi


BTC Addr: bc1qu3qarpd0rcfcyfl53g72fwfq4886tvfkjk0xty

Address: bc1qu3qarpd0rcfcyfl53g72fwfq4886tvfkjk0xty

Self-Hosted Donation (Coming Soon!)

If you do not want to create an account on liberapay but still wish to donate, you can do so via our self hosted fosspay! Stripe still charges $0.30 per transaction & 3%! So please keep that in mind when sending your amazing donation!