After a couple months looking at the current status-quo of templating engines, and how Ghost still does not have a proper implementation of a comment system, (which honestly is one of the biggest reasons for me), I’ve switched to Jekyll.

Ghost is out, Jekyll is in

After a couple months deliberating, partying, working, and testing, I decided on Jekyll for my blog for a couple reasons.

  • Jekyll is mature
  • I had familiarity with Ruby (Jekyll’s code platform)
  • Hides a lot of the templating out of your content
  • Others had already created a Ghost-to-Jekyll script, Thanks!
  • Beautifully gorgeous Markdown

I checked out Hugo, back in early 2017, late 2016 and realised it was coded in Go, and did not feel like trying out something that would be in its infancy. Looking at Hugo today, it has become a whole beautiful templating framework, and honestly, I might end up moving again. But we shall see.

Moving to a git based workflow I hope will start making it easier to post and start writing content on the move. Syncing with my phone and laptop. If anyone has any good suggestions for Android Apps for Markdown content, let me know in the comments!