tl;dr people:

HTML5 + Javascript Gameboy with Save functionality I want to play now!

Game repo under: /static/games

So considering I’m a chromebook user, nothing is really ARM arch based so there is a lot of things that you don’t really realize, and thus take for granted. One of the things I’m missing is rsync. Another while my phone is out happens to be a Gameboy emulator. I’m not a massive pokemon fan, but enjoy it quite a lot. Especially playing on the train into work. So, I thought why not, continue my playing while at work! I needed something that could work on all platforms and enabled me to transfer my saves easily. I immediately set off on the daunting task of creating and learning a lot more house emulation system works and starting on the way to creating a HTML5/JS gameboy emulator.

This is where my friend open source software came into play.

I believe in open source software. So when I found out that someone had already created a HTML5/JS emulator I quickly forked it and dove right in. The code is complete and he offers it via a GPL. Which is of course the same as what I am hosting my code under.

The latest and live branch resides over here GameBoy-Online. Please feel free to fork and issue pull requests. I am always happy for someone else to publish material and if it works, I’ll host it :)

My next task, and a seemingly less daunting one, is organizing and streamlining the code. A couple of issues I see for the immediate future are; – Remove all if(findvalue()); then return findvalue(); and replace with one function call, instead of multiple.

I am also hosting a repo of games that people are free to hotlink / “fork”. It resides under /static/games.