FFmpeg Aac to Mp3

Quick and dirty one liner to encode (Multiple) AAC files to MP3 via FFmpeg

IFS=$'\n';  for item in $(find . -iname '*.aac'); do enditem="" ; enditem=`echo $item | sed 's/.aac/.mp3/'`; ffmpeg -i $item $enditem ; done  

If your using zsh you can use in-line parameter expansion

IFS=$'\n';  for item in $(find . -iname '*.aac'); do ffmpeg -i $item ${item/\.aac/\.mp3/}; done  

I recently started using streamripper to rip my favourite audio stream, and after a week i finally had a great collection of songs, and then I realised that it was aac and for some reason android doesn't like aac. DOH!

Oneliners to the rescue!

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