So if anyone’s like me, you like to have a billion terminals open, each one monitoring our latest servers, but you also like to connect to your home servers.

Instead of doing a VPN to your home which would provide security, why not have the same security over just some selective SSH ports. We know where all of our services run, so why not just port forward those ports?

Example Command:

ssh -p222 -L 8080: -L 8081: -L 8082: -L 5191: -D 40000

Now you will be able to go to http://localhost:8080, to access your server on IP port 8080. Simple Yes? Even better is the -D command which specifies a port which to open as a SOCKS port. So we can use a specific browser, such as Firefox to tunnel our connections over SOCKS5 with SSH encryption.

Now just remember that your connections on your endpoint are techincally un-encrypted. But from all intensive purposes all connections when going through your ssh connection will be from your home. But of course you already knew that!